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  • --- CDT-007 ---
  • Model: CDT-007
    Size: 1800*900*610mm
    Material: Acrylic

    Main component:
    1-Electricity Leakage Protector
    1-Computer Control Panel with Radio
    1-1.5HP Whirlpool Pump with 4-Big Massage Nozzles
    1-0.25HP Air Pump with 16Air Bubble Nozzles
    1-Ozone Generator
    1-Multifunctional Shower Handheld
    1-American Waterfall
    1-Thermostatic Mixer
    1-Whirlpool Intensity Adjustor
    1-Water Circulation
    2-LED Color-changing Underwater Lights
    1- Drainer

    1-MP3 Connector
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